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    Hi! I am Sanjeev Singhal. I used to run an Art Gallery by name of ‘STUDIO S” in Pune, India some years back. I noticed that Art was much appreciated but seldom bought here. I investigated further and found this to be true all over India. People who bought were the ones who regularly bought and were collectors. But ordinary citizens were wary about buying original art. This was in the early 2000’s. Then came the boom. Art prices shot through the roof and these ordinary citizens were further dissuaded from buying Art because of high prices. The desire to own an original Art work was always there.

    This lack of patronage led many an artist to switch careers. After spending a large amount on educating themselves in Art Colleges , doing fine Arts, they become computer operators, web designers etc. After a few years I noticed that picking up a brush and again painting, their first love, was nearly impossible. This saddened me.

    I started a firm called ‘ART FOR ALL’. The aim was to provide inexpensive original art to first time buyers. This venture developed very slowly for we were then hit by very cheap imports of paintings done by artists from other highly under developed nations. We then moved towards giving high quality canvas prints to the masses. But the desire, the passion to bring original Art to the common masses was always there. is my passion come true. Here we will be showcasing all forms of art and wall décor. This is the most comprehensive website in the virtual world. You may even say it will soon be the world’s largest online store for art.

    Here we bring you original art from established and young talent. All works will be curated by our panel. The prices will be controlled and will be in the affordable bracket .  I hope to provide a platform to all young and struggling artists from all over the world. And I hope that all people wanting to put up original art only in their homes, offices, other establishments will find this site as an answer to all their quests.

    There is also a complete section devoted to Art Prints from various catalogue publishers of the world. Not only are you going to be offered a huge selection of artprints but also an equally large selection of framing options for you to choose from. This is for those art lovers who due to various reasons do not wish to put up originals but still want art on their walls!

    Another section has been devoted in providing you with a wide selection of Limited Edition Prints. This is for those who wish to have the known artist works on their walls but do not wish to spend a packet! We will also be showcasing the prints of new and upcoming artists also. These are typically limited in number and come with the artists original signature. They are the closest you can get to the originals of the artist.

    An important section is the ‘Customized Printing Solution’ . here patrons across  all walks of life, be they professional photographers, studios or amateurs or hobbyists, all can upload their creations, photographs and order prints in their desired medium and size! These prints will be printed at our stat-of-the-art facilities in Pune , Mumbai and New Delhi on the latest Hewlett Packard, Epson and Xerox printers using archival quality inks.

    Other sections are wall art for children and for the young and funky at heart! Beautiful and innovative art presented in unique forms will be showcased here.

    By your patronage I hope to make this site a huge success.

    Some unique features are included in this site for your convenience. You will be able to view your choice of art duly framed put up in your room/wall or on any of our room templates! You will be able to actually determine how it will look before you buy it!  Another feature would be that your professional advisor-an architect- would be able to make his selection of art to be put up on your walls in different rooms and save it for you to have a look at your leisure and come to a decision from the comfort of your home! These  features will be available across the site. 

  • I dedicate this site to all those Artists
    who have fought against all odds to become artists and pursue their passion!