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Art Gallery
  • Online Art Gallery, Photo Painting Gallery, Frame Store

    At Artezee we firmly believe that Art is For All. Art is meant to be seen and enjoyed by all. This has been happening over centuries and should still happen in the present age.

    In this section Artezee brings to you the finest , the most artistic and the biggest collection of Original Paintings .

    By Original Paintings we mean, that each and every artwork is unique and is hand-created by an artist. These originals may be on canvas, paper or any other media. But the common factor is that each is unique and only one in number. 

    Here we bring you original art from established and young talent. All works will be curated by our panel. The prices will be controlled and will be in the affordable bracket. I hope to provide a platform to all young and struggling artists from all over the world. And I hope that all people wanting to put up original art only in their homes, offices, other establishments will find this site as an answer to all their quests.

    There is also a complete section devoted to Art Prints from various catalogue publishers of the world. Not only are you going to be offered a huge selection of artprints but also an equally large selection of framing options for you to choose from. This is for those art lovers who due to various reasons do not wish to put up originals but still want art on their walls!

    This option is the best you can get to enjoy Art. At Artezee we have taken a deliberate and conscious decision to bring to you only affordable Art. Hence the prices of an original painting on offer will range from Rs.5000 to a maximum of Rs.1,50,000. Each of these creations have been hand picked by our panel. The choice has been made keeping all sorts of factors in mind which are too complicated to explain here.  But due care has been taken to bring you Art  which you will like and at the correct and the most reasonable price.

    Initially we will be bringing you the best of affordable Art from our Indian artists. Soon we hope  to add International artists to our offerings.

    We will bring Art closer to you!